Years of sports poly-pharmacy self experimentation (it worked!) and subsequent medical research focused on endocrinology and bio pharmaceuticals, necessary to learn how to fix what I broke in vivo, presented the perfect foundation upon which to invest 1000s of hours worth of COVID research focused on principles of virology, immunology, vaccinology, molecular biology, biochemistry, and biophysics. Good thing too because I treated my entire household in the outpatient setting with antivirals and anti-inflammatories when delta invaded our home. And I treated myself through severe COVID without steroids, anticoagulants, and supplemental oxygen while avoiding hospitalization.

The knowledge gained by personally experiencing both severe COVID and the therapeutic effects of certain drugs during the disease course related to their established pharmacokinetics exceeds that found in our Western PHAs - it’s not even close.

This Substack compendium will take the place of publishing my COVID-related content on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter due to past censorship.

Global Mass Formation And Psychosis

Today, the world is on the verge of a global totalitarian hijacking of Western civil liberties enabled by a first-world academic-pharmaco medical-governmental axis that perpetuates the lie that, collectively, it is the sole arbiter of scientific truth. This collaboration has led to mass formation causing once Democratic governments to move in lockstep and strip their citizenries of basic civil liberties all under the guise of public health. Public health agencies, tasked with improving the health and wellbeing of their constituencies, have implemented disastrous policies resulting in all cause mortality blowouts over historical baseline numbers. Developed world medical professionals have seemingly jettisoned everything they know about treating acute pathologies and remain paralyzed in a state of self-induced psychosis. And the armchair academics argue their credentials grant them special privilege to dismiss the thoughtful analyses performed by the laity when subsequently challenged.

Remember Barry Bonds?

Those of us with a history in the fitness community back in the early 2000s possessing significant super supplement personal experience remember the days when the so called “authorities” would try to make definitive statements about performance enhancing drug use. Nothing represented this comedy of errors better than the commentary surrounding anabolic steroid use and Major League Baseball. Ultimately, the media, the politicians, and many in the medical establishment made complete fools out of themselves, opining on topics with which they had absolutely zero personal experience.

Of course anabolic steroids are anything but performance enhancing. Show me the “well designed” double blind randomized controlled trial published in The Lancet proving stanozolol decreases elapsed times in the 100M sprint. Ben Johnson was ROBBED!

Put that in your pipe and smoke it you therapeutic nihilists!

Fauci Has Treated How Many COVID Positives?

Twenty years later, we are witnessing repeat performances where self aggrandizing bureaucrats who have never treated a COVID patient claim their policies are beyond reproach. And any attack on said policies is an attack on science itself.

Sorry! That’s not the way science works.

And We’ll Censor The Truth To Continue The Narrative

As I write this introduction, I’m locked out of my LinkedIn account merely for sharing Taiwan CDC data and clarification language taken verbatim (courtesy of Google Translate) from the official government website and performing a mathematical comparison on data sourced from Johns Hopkins presented by Our World In Data. This is the consequence of presenting facts contrary to the narrative established by the lying bureaucrats protected by the Trusted News Initiative in the year 2021. But these people cannot avoid the judgement that historical perspective will render against them.

The Search For Truth

Since January 2020, I have accrued nearly 4000 hours of deep medical research from specialties such as immunology, virology, vaccinology, biochemistry, molecular biology, biophysics, and epidemiology. Unlike the bureaucrats running our PHAs, I have firsthand experience treating a household full of COVID positives. And I kept myself out of hospital during my severe COVID experience by importing all of the necessary drugs prior to getting infected and identifying critical pathophysiological elements while suffering alongside those abandoned by the Western medical establishment.

Who is this unqualified, non-scientist anyway?

On August 13, 2005 11 years of strength training (half of which was accrued by a rank amateur) culminated in an All Time Top 20 World Record deadlift of 830 pounds in the 242 pound weight class. That lift placed me second in America in 2005 among 242’s, one spot behind the greatest powerlifter of all time - Eddie Coan.

In less than 10 years, I had transformed a 5’10” weakling (who didn’t even know what a sumo stance deadlift was until age 26) into one of the best lifters in the history of the sport of powerlifting by combining relentless determination with practical knowledge of sports pharmacology, pharmacodynamics, and endocrinology gathered over the course of six years’ worth of medical research, self-experimentation, and consultation with a global community of fitness enthusiasts whose collective knowledgebase was decades ahead of that possessed by the medical establishment.

Forward thinking clinicians actively engaged our community, however. And in a very short period of time, several of us lent our personal experience insights to doctors such as Dr. John Crisler who eventually built one of the largest TRT practices in America.

Two years after what would ultimately be the best lift of my life, the US National Bobsled Team reached out with an invitation to trial at the Lake Placid, NY Olympic Training Center for a team spot and possibly a 2010 Vancouver Olympic birth pushing for Olympic gold medal driver Steve Holcomb. An untimely hamstring tear ended that opportunity unfortunately.

This Substack site will take the place of publishing my COVID-related content on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

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